From Ski Bum to Wisdom Seeker

During a trip to Sugarloaf, Maine, in my freshman year of college, I saw snowboarders flying downhill and knew I had found my passion. As soon as the academic year ended, I moved to Colorado to “take a year off.” Leaving behind my close-knit, multigenerational family in New Jersey, I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado and […]

From Rural American Girl to Art Impresario in Vietnam

Suzanne Lecht Grit and Soul

As I grew up in rural Kansas, I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams the course that my life would take. My journey to becoming an art dealer living in Hanoi is an example of the serendipity of life and taking leaps of faith even if they seem daunting! As a young woman, […]

Born a Village Girl — Became a Global Social Entrepreneur

Rehmah Kasule 2019

Who could have imagined that after growing up in a village in Uganda, I would have met President Obama or that I would now be participating in the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University, the only fellow under 50 years of age? My life so far is a testament to dreaming big and working hard […]

An Accidental Tour Guide to the Arctic

Mary Gibbons Profile photo

I’ve taken the scenic route through, well, just about everything in my life! I was married for about 5 minutes in my 20’s (his folks lived in a castle in Portugal, what was a girl to do!)  that gave me two beautiful children and a lifelong friend. His wife of almost 30 years is also […]

This is Not Your Mother’s Menopause

I may be known as Meg’s Menopause today, but the journey here has been full of interesting twists and turns, ups and downs. Everything I’ve done, I dove into full speed ahead, and never looked back. Born on the the tiny island of Guernsey in England, (yes, the town made famous in The Guernsey Literary […]

Beginning a Modeling Career in her ‘50’s.

Growing up in Canada, it was inevitable that I would embrace outdoor activities in all seasons, however, in the dead of those long winter months, when frigid temperatures prevented any sort of outdoor fun, I immersed myself in another childhood passion, playing dress up.  As the years went on and I was in my teens, […]

Career Transformation from Nurse to Goat Farmer!

I grew up in Oyster Bay, Long Island surrounded by animals.  My dad brought home a lot of strays and we had a menagerie that included horses, dogs, cats, turtles and even an injured owl. Many people think they like animals but then lose their enthusiasm when they’re faced with the work and the mess […]

How a High School Dropout Became a Successful Educator

At 86 years old, I’m a widow, mother of four boys, one granddaughter that I raised as my own, and retired educator. I was born on July 31st, 1931 in Newport News, Virginia. My six siblings and I were raised in Ahoskie, North Carolina.   My mother worked as a housekeeper and my father was a […]