1300 Miles to a Stronger Self

Johanna Lakin

As far back into my past as I can remember, I had a loud, dominant inner critic–a voice that forced me to see myself through the eyes of negativity, failure and condemnation. Even as a small child, the act of making an error when playing a game, a less than perfect piece of schoolwork or […]

Resilience in the Face of Covid: How We Saved Our Business

Kiko Ezeonwuka_resilience-in-the-face-of-covid-how-we-saved-our-business

My mom was the typical Japanese woman. No more than 5 feet 2 inches and under 100 lbs. But she was scary as hell. I was born in Tokyo, Japan. Before I had turned four, my mother died, and my father remarried shortly after. When I was seven years old, in 1992, my family emigrated […]

Deception, Financial Ruin, and Triumph.

Shelley Underwood

I loved my life in Thomasville, Georgia. Married for twelve years, I was living a busy and fulfilled life as a wife and stay at home mother of five boys. I home schooled the boys and felt a true purpose in being there for my family.  We lived a conservative and traditional life: my husband […]

Infinite Love – One Family’s Childhood Cancer Story

Andrea Verdone Gorsegner

Dan and I met in college through a mutual friend and married two years after graduation.  I was working as a photo editor/producer in NYC and Dan was working in a family business in NJ.  Fast forward five years and Hannah Rose was born, and after six months in an increasingly cramped NYC apartment, we […]

From Afghanistan to America: How My Passion For Art Lit the Way.

Five-year-old refugee My parents had to make the decision to flee Kabul quickly. Afghanistan was embroiled in a civil war and had become unsafe for us. It was 1994, the mujahadeen had taken over the city and battles were waging everywhere. The Taliban were just beginning to emerge as a force in our country. Five […]

Grateful Every Day

Joelle Jarvis

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” My life has been a story of highs and lows. What I’ve learned is that while you can’t control what happens, what you can control is your attitude and what you do to respond and recover. Everything was fabulous in my life. I was […]

Overcoming Tragedy To Realize Her Dream of Motherhood

Marybeth Walz Featured Image

I grew up in suburban Middletown, New Jersey, one of four siblings born into a strict, working class Catholic family. After graduating from Kean College, I began a successful sales career at MCI and for many years that was my focus. After several suspicious pap smears and reassurances from my doctor that everything was fine, […]

Anxiety Would Not Defeat Me.

Lucie Dickenson_Anxiety

I absolutely believe we are more alike than we are different. We all have a story and your story may not be my story, but mine is just different in the details. It is through the sharing of our experiences that we can help others take note, take action and rise up beyond our struggles. […]

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities!

Janice Lintz_Grit and Soul

The Never-Ending Divorce My ex-husband was abusive shortly after we married in 1988. I never thought abuse happened to women like me; well educated, living on the upper East Side of New York City, married to a professionally and financially successful man. At the time, I only knew one other woman this happened to, but […]

A husband’s legacy lives on helping families deal with loss and grief.

When I met David, the love of my life, he said something very startling to me.  He told me he didn’t think he would live past age 40.  His words turned out to be prophetic. David came into my life like a wonderful Christmas present my senior year in college.  As a theater arts major, […]