1300 Miles to a Stronger Self

Johanna Lakin

As far back into my past as I can remember, I had a loud, dominant inner critic–a voice that forced me to see myself through the eyes of negativity, failure and condemnation. Even as a small child, the act of making an error when playing a game, a less than perfect piece of schoolwork or […]

Deception, Financial Ruin, and Triumph.

Shelley Underwood

I loved my life in Thomasville, Georgia. Married for twelve years, I was living a busy and fulfilled life as a wife and stay at home mother of five boys. I home schooled the boys and felt a true purpose in being there for my family.  We lived a conservative and traditional life: my husband […]

From Afghanistan to America: How My Passion For Art Lit the Way.

Five-year-old refugee My parents had to make the decision to flee Kabul quickly. Afghanistan was embroiled in a civil war and had become unsafe for us. It was 1994, the mujahadeen had taken over the city and battles were waging everywhere. The Taliban were just beginning to emerge as a force in our country. Five […]

Saving My Son from Addiction Changed the Lives of Others

Lynn Regan Profile

Looking back, the worst day of my life was also the day that began the journey of getting my son back.  My drug addicted son, Daniel, had spiraled out of control and was in trouble, somewhere in California.  As I hid in the bushes at the Palm Springs Airport, I looked for the car that […]