The Bergdorf Goodman Guide to Animal Welfare

There is an old expression that says gifts sometimes come in strange packaging. I hadn’t thought about that quote in a while. But it came to me early one morning in the summer of 1999 as I sat on a bus spitting steam on the side of the NJ turnpike.  On that day, as I […]

My Child’s Food Allergies Sparked a Passion Within Me

Denise Woodard Partake Foods

My entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to education, were nurtured by my parents.  I grew up in a small town in Fayetteville, North Carolina to an African American father and a Korean mother.  While my father earned his GED in the military, my mother had to drop out of school due to the Korean war. But […]

Twenty-Five Years to an Overnight Success!

Patti Pao Grit and Soul

Full disclosure, I grew up hearing I was ugly, dumb, fat, lazy and wouldn’t amount to much.  I heard this from my parents.  My father, in particular, would tell me I should be further along in my schooling or career.  I grew up in a Chinese home where my parents motivated me by always wanting […]