Time to Get Real!


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You chose this book because there are important things on your mind. This is a market and time-tested guide to leading an intentional life. Our Life and Career Planning Model requires attention and work on your part but the time and effort will pay off. It’s Time to Get Real! helps you take control, directing you through a process leading to actions that result in personal and professional success. Manage unforeseen challenges with resilience, confidence, and self-direction. Make decisions and choices that create opportunities for you. Integrate your life and career and build the future that you desire.

The Life and Career Planning Model in Time to Get Real! has been utilized by individuals in early, mid and later career and life. Too many individuals let life happen to them. Control more of your life through readiness and preparation. We can help you visualize a future that you desire and a road that you can travel to get there.

Written by Alex J. Plinio, and Melissa Smith, acclaimed business leaders and life and career planning specialists, this book is filled with instructive case studies, illuminating stories, interactive exercises, and inspirational quotes enabling you to unlock those things leading to personal satisfaction and success. The Life and Career Planning Model helps you target what matters the most to you in your life while providing the impetus to move you forward in a positive direction. Whether you are 21, 41, or 61, it is now Time to Get Real!


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