Jamie Sussel Turner, M.Ed PCC

Jamie Sussel Turner, The Less Stress Coach, has been on a journey to live with less stress for the past 20 years, even as she faced three cancer experiences. She is a professional coach, speaker, and award-winning author who has been featured in The New York Times and Forbes. Jamie has served as a speaker coach for TEDxAsburyPark, the largest TEDx on the east coast.

Before becoming a coach, Jamie earned Master’s degrees in Leadership and Education and had a highly successful career, including 12 years as a school principal. Her articles have frequently appeared in national education journals.

Jamie has published two books to share her lessons: Less Stress Life and Less Stress Business. She lives her belief that we each have the power to choose a less stress life. She helps her clients to do just that and has proven to reduce their stress by up to 75% in six months of coaching. Readers say Jamie’s books are “informed by a survivor’s wisdom, with loads of practical suggestions and a joyful embrace of life’s great promise for the focused mind and the open heart.”

Jamie lives her more peaceful life with her husband at the Jersey Shore.  Ever grateful for her magnificent sunset views over the water, she is passionate about her grandchildren, working out, reading, travel, and her daily dose of dark chocolate.


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