By Natasha Muslih

As a travel planner and retreat leader, I usually find myself on a plane every month or so, flying out to explore far flung places for business and pleasure. Just…

When experts in North America want clues on how to predict what the flu season will be like, they look south to Australia, which experiences its flu season (and
Grit and Soul Travel, Verona Italy
It should be no surprise to anyone that Paris is consistently one of the most visited cities in the world. With its Eiffel tower, its world class museums, its
If you’re in a rush to get somewhere, you will likely want to take the most direct flight option in your budget. However, if you have the time and
A friend recently forwarded a sale announcement from Banana Republic. “Greetings from Morocco” was the subject line, and the email included photos from a fashion shoot in the Marrakech
Natasha Muslih post Suitcase
I recently read an article about a woman who wore seven dresses, two pairs of shoes, and two pairs of shorts (half the clothes she packed for her Canary


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