Natasha Muslih

Natasha Muslih is a journalist-turned-trip planner who works with individuals and groups to design travel experiences that are unique and personal to them. Natasha got her start in the travel industry when she was asked to help a friend think of ways to get their luxury property rental off the ground. She thought running retreats out of the property would be a good way to drive bookings, and so she planned one to start. This was such a success, Natasha turned her passion for travel into a career.

Travel isn’t such a large leap from journalism: they both require research and editing, and both boil down to storytelling. Today, Natasha continues to organize group retreats, design travel itineraries and plan surprise trips as “the Voyagiste”.

Natasha believes that travel should open your mind and make you feel good, and that getting out of your comfort zone is a positive thing. She thinks that collecting memories and connecting with people is much more satisfying than collecting objects. Travel should be fulfilling but it should also leave you wanting more, and if you don’t enjoy organizing your travel, you don’t have to.

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Travel during a pandemic.

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