The Financial Pitfalls of a Legal Marital Separation

legal separation

When couples want to part ways, they may opt for a legal separation instead of directly going for a divorce, something most states allow. Couples may decide to first separate legally for religious reasons, or because of health-care coverage, Social Security or military family benefits among other things. But the move can leave spouses financially […]

Underpaid and Overloaded: COVID-19 Exposes Cracks in Financial Equality for Women

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Women are more vulnerable during this time of financial upheaval. Here’s why and a few steps they can take to help improve their outlook long term. The COVID-19 pandemic is further exposing the financial inequities between men and women and is threatening to undo the few steps forward women have taken over the past several […]

Why are Women Still Financially Behind A Century After Getting the Vote?

Women's Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day is observed on August 26th every year to commemorate the right of women to vote in U.S and, also to promote equality between men and women. On this date, 100 years ago, women’s right to vote became part of the United States Constitution, giving women a voice in government. However, nearly a […]

When Couples Divorce, Who Gets Fido? ‘Pup Nups’ Can Help

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COVID-19 stay-at-home orders have some interesting side-effects: Pet adoptions are up … and there are signs that divorces could be up soon, too. This highlights the need for “pup nups,” specially written prenups with our furry family members’ best interests at heart. Thanks to sheltering in place during the coronavirus crisis, many animal shelters are […]

Coronavirus Market Swings Can Lead to Amygdala Hijack.

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Our brains are wired to look for danger and react quickly to an approaching attack; however, the most recent threat is invisible, but no less distressing to our primitive brains. Plummeting stock prices are sending some investors over the edge, leading to irrational behavior that has dire long-term financial repercussions. In the book, Your Money […]

What Marriage Story Left Out About Finances in Divorce.

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Marriage Story is applauded as a heroic and truthful divorce story, but despite its very real portrayal of the emotional toll divorce can take on a couple and their family, the movie only glosses over the role that money plays in divorce. Marriage Story alludes to money issues, but it fails to elicit a conversation […]

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Ex’s Financial Advisor

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Divorce is meant to be a clean break with your spouse, so why do so many women stay with their exes’ advisors? In Allianz Life’s 2019 Women, Money and Power Study, 60% of the women surveyed said that their current “financial professional treats their spouse/partner as the decision maker.” Some women tell us that it […]

Why Women Should Seek Out Financial Advice Before Divorcing Or Separating

Why Women Should Seek Out Financial Advice Before Divorcing Or Separating

Contrary to what movies make us believe, rarely does a woman meet with my firm with the goal of taking every last penny from her spouse. Nor do we ever see women who hide assets, so they don’t have to give a fair share to their soon-to-be-ex. Nearly one-third of the women who walk through […]