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Arctic Food With Flair

Swedish Lapland is filled with surprising treats for all of our senses.

Visitors are given tips to ensure all their senses are indulged. Keep your eyes to the skies as sightings of the Northern Lights create unforgettable memories.  Lift your face to the arctic air as the cold, clean, crispness rejuvenates your soul.  Listen to the distant howl of the sled dogs and imagine where they may take you if given the opportunity.

At ICEHOTEL, in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, a guest’s taste and smell senses will explode with the food provided by executive chef Alexander Meier and his staff. ICEHOTEL restaurant manager, Lotta Ramstrom welcomes tourists as they enter the restaurant.  Pastry chef Pernilla Smedquist, sous chefs Mikael Bergtsson and Chris Hopkins join Chef Meier as they prepare pure culinary magic.  In this winter wonderland, Chef Meier provides a warmth reminiscent of a kitchen hearth.  Chef Meier ‘s passion, irresistible laugh and boisterous personality spill over into his inventive menu. Originally from Switzerland and trained in France, Chef Meier states IceHotel’s menu invites its guests to sample local meat, fish, berries and herbs.  Visitors experience the regional, cultural cuisine.

Head chef Alexander Meier, ICEHOTEL

Age old ingredients prepared in the most modern way using molecular gastronomy to create a wide variety of edible foams, gels and “spherificated” foods.  Arctic Char served with lemon foam, dill powder, bleak roe, crème fraiche, white tomato gel, and white garlic reduction creates a kaleidoscope of texture, color and taste.  Dill powder as light as a snowflake as it melts on your tongue, lemon foam lingers on your taste buds as the ocean waves linger on the shore, and bleak roe signaling ancient beginnings make this Arctic Char meal an unmatched delicacy.  This is a culinary experience you will not soon forget!

In addition to a varied, a la carte menu, ICEHOTEL offers its Ice Menu, a 5-course signature menu where several of the courses are served on ice harvested from the nearby Torne River.

One experience that should not be missed is the Chef’s Table in the newly designed adjunct space The Veranda.  Guests enjoy an intimate setting with a half circle design as they enjoy a 12-course meal accompanied with select beverages for each course. This is an interactive evening that allows the guests to see all the action; insider conversations and mechanics as each course featuring local produce and local favorites are being prepared, plated then served.

The design of The Veranda reflect the raw nature in northern Sweden and the culture around Jukkasjärvi with handpicked local details like colors, Sami art and handicraft.

Marjolein Vonk, Maurizio Perron and Viktor Tsarski are recurring ice and snow artists at ICEHOTEL and normally work as designers, furniture designers and architects respectively. They have also created the design for The Veranda at ICEHOTEL.

“We wanted to create a warm place that celebrates the flavors, experiences and feelings in northern Sweden, a place to come home to and exchange experiences with other guests, chefs or locals in Jukkasjärvi.”

It just makes sense – all of our senses!


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