MaryAnn Anselmo

A Renewed Soul.

It’s amazing how time flies. So much has happened in my life since my published story, two years ago with Grit & Soul.

It’s no secret that the world we live in right now can be pretty depressing at times. There’s so much tragedy and hate floating around that it often overshadows the beauty of just being alive. I am living proof that life is too precious to ignore. For those of you who have followed my remarkable story, I am a jazz singer with a new energy for life and a newfound passion to pursue my lifelong dreams.

MaryAnn Anselmo
March, 2015

I’ve been singing since I was a child. Doing so makes me feel balanced and challenged.

In 2007 under my former stage name Mariel Larsen, I completed an album of eleven timeless classics from the Great American Songbook. My songs in this album speak to the real and illusory facets of a love affair.  It was produced by the legendary Elliot Scheiner. The recordings are available on maryannanselmo.com; cdbaby.com.

MaryAnn AnselmoI am on the road to recovery, discovery, and accomplishment. Living with brain cancer has given me a renewed sense of celebration to approach my art as I approach my new life with the strength of the human spirit. Writing my memoir, Through Fire and Rain, helped put my pivotal moments into perspective.

I plan to bring my compelling and profound story to the stage and screen. The last few years have provided me with an abundance of those real-life experiences that directors look for today.

To my surprise, I gained some notoriety for having brain cancer. I was stunned when I graced the cover of Time Magazine in early 2015, inspiring countless others with hope. Everyone wanted to know that woman who was beating the odds!  And I did just that with love, music and precision medicine. My published story found its way from New York on NBC Nightly News hosted by Lester Holt and NPR’s living with cancer series reaching millions of listeners, all the way to Japan On NHK TV.

MaryAnn Anselmo
MaryAnn and her husband, Joseph

That period of my life, along with two other tragedies, brought me to the bottom.

I find solace in music and the performing arts, and I plan to bring my message of hope and survival through the healing power of song.

Please consider me as a renewed soul who wants to share her story in music.

MaryAnn’s story at Grit & Soul: Providing Hope for Others After Devastating Personal Tragedies





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  1. Hi sister.
    So does this mean your releasing the album? I miss you so much.

    Love you;

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