How Not to Meltdown in the Middle of a Stressful Moment


I’m sitting at my desk at 11:45 am to allow 15 minutes to prepare for my noon client. That’s when I notice that my computer is frozen. Ok, I think, I’ve got plenty of time to restart it and send my client the Zoom link (that I should have sent the night before). My computer […]

What to Say — in the Moment — When You’re Speechless

Jamie Sussel Turner_What to say when you’re speechless

A few years ago I was helping a friend move into an apartment. As I stood in the filthy shower, attempting to wipe away the scum, a woman, supposedly there to help, was instead leaning against the door jamb when she blurted out, “Oh, I wouldn’t do that—I’d get a Mexican.” I bet your jaw dropped—just […]

Three Questions to Unleash Your Limiting Beliefs

It was one of the first wintry, icy-road days and we didn’t think ahead. My friend and I headed for our Monday morning power walk at Sandy Hook National Park. We stepped out of our cars onto a sheet of ice and grabbed each other’s arms for support, laughing about how this could be us […]

What’s Your Pandemic Silver Lining?

I imagine you’ve about had it with the pandemic. Like most of us you might be wondering when can I safely go back the office, get my kids back to school, have dinner with friends, or travel? And when can we be free of those annoying face masks? None of us planned for this pandemic […]

Pick Up Your Productivity

It might be hard to focus and accomplish the things on our to-do list right now. Well, maybe we can pick up our productivity while still allowing ourselves some slack. Here are 16 ideas. Try to select a couple of ideas and incorporate them into your daily routine. You will probably feel better checking a […]

Kickoff 2021 by Tackling Your Stress

As we kickoff 2021, why not make this the year you finally stop complaining about how stressed you are and instead do something about it. If you’re like most of us, you probably have more stress than you want, especially as a result of dealing with the pandemic and politics. Now, some of that stress […]

Help! I’m Feeling Burned Out


Job burnout is a type of work-related stress that is a state of physical or emotion exhaustion that also involves a sense of lowered accomplishment and a loss of personal identity. While “burnout” isn’t a medical diagnosis there can be other conditions behind burnout, such as depression. People experiencing burnout often feel like they have […]

How to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts

Grit & Soul Blog

I pull up to the ATM, lower my window and can’t quite reach the slot for my debit card. Instead of unbuckling my seat belt, I reach—and then reach a tiny bit further. And that’s when I feel something pop down the right side of my body. I bet you’ve done this too. Maybe you’ve […]

The Financial Pitfalls of a Legal Marital Separation

legal separation

When couples want to part ways, they may opt for a legal separation instead of directly going for a divorce, something most states allow. Couples may decide to first separate legally for religious reasons, or because of health-care coverage, Social Security or military family benefits among other things. But the move can leave spouses financially […]

#1 Tip to Endure the Pandemic: The Three Feet Ahead View

Jamie sussel Turner

One late August day I was pedaling up a steep incline, trying to make it over the drawbridge without needing to walk my bike. I had been intimidated by this hill for weeks. It’s not much to the average biker but with my lowered energy and strength from ongoing chemo, it felt insurmountable. But, I […]