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The Financial Pitfalls of a Legal Marital Separation

When couples want to part ways, they may opt for a legal separation instead of directly going for a divorce, something most states allow. Couples may decide to first separate legally for religious reasons, or…

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Andalusia Grit and Soul Natasha Muslih

Retreat-ing: it’s like summer camp for grown-ups

There are many reasons why people travel for leisure, among them to open their minds, to relax and rejuvenate, to explore new places, to eat delicious food, to escape from the everyday, to connect with…

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Heart Warming Ice/Snow Art in the Arctic

Art enthusiasts around the world are continually looking for new art forms, venues and events.  There are water color fans, oil or acrylic paints, clay, metal and wood fans.  Permanent art allows viewers to go…

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Mary Gibbons ICEHOTEL

Arctic Food With Flair

Swedish Lapland is filled with surprising treats for all of our senses. Visitors are given tips to ensure all their senses are indulged. Keep your eyes to the skies as sightings of the Northern Lights…

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Getting a divorce? The new tax bill will complicate splitting up, especially for women

Getting a divorce? The new tax bill will complicate splitting up, especially for women.

The new tax law makes alimony non-tax-deductible for the payer and non-taxable for the recipient, for divorces finalized after Dec. 31, 2018, thereby eliminating the existing tax incentive for bigger support payments. The existing deduction…

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The Holiday Guide: Have Fun & Feel Good

The holidays are here! For many, all the festive fun might also go along with a tightly packed schedule, increased anxiety, questionable nutrition choices, and over indulgence – leading to feeling tired, bloated, and overwhelmed….

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The Dirt on Detox: 12 Easy Hacks to Clean It Up

There is so much press and hype about detox, and so many books and articles about three and four week protocols that can change your life and body. Yes patients feel better – largely I…

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What Is Your Money Personality?

Personalities are as different as snowflakes. And our personalities around money are no exception. Deborah Price, money coach and author, suggests there are eight money personalities that people fall into. By understanding your own personal…

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Why Financial Education Must Start at Home—but Often Doesn’t

As parents, we agonize over how to best support our children to be successful. We spend many of our waking moments making sure they eat healthily, exercise and have the best opportunities in life available…

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How to Not Go Broke Supporting Adult Children

You’ve worked hard, you’ve saved, you’ve downsized, and the nest is finally empty. Life is good. But then one of your kids loses his job. Or she starts falling further into debt. Or decides to…

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