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Surprise Trip

Take a surprise trip: go on holiday without knowing the destination until your departure

Here’s a scientific fact: our brains like surprises even if we think we don’t. Experiments have proven that the brain’s so-called pleasure centres react more strongly when pleasures are unexpected. This means the pleasures you…

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All Eyes on Sleep: How to Maximize Your Sleep Quality & Change Your Health

You’ve been tossing and turning. Your body heat is rising and falling. Your anxiety is building. You are staring at the clock. It either reads 1 AM and you haven’t slept or 4 AM and…

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A Love of Literature Leads to Producing Movies

As a college graduate with a degree in English with no solid idea of what to do, I never would have predicted where my love for literature would lead me more than 30 years later. …

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Top Estate Planning Mistakes Divorcing Women Make

Divorce is never an easy time. It can be a huge adjustment period for most people, but women, in particular, often find that they are affected most by the financial aspects of divorce. According to…

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Five tips on traveling solo.

This month, I will be visiting Marrakech on my own for four days. I plan to wander around the medina, visit a couple of museums, book myself into a spa and do a little shopping…

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Five tips on traveling with teens and young adults.

I have been traveling with my children since they were newborn babies – my eldest was just two weeks old when she took her first transatlantic flight. Back then, we traveled heavy, lugging a stroller,…

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Relaunching – An Ideal Time for Career Reinvention

A question I often hear from relaunchers is:  “I have no idea what I want to pursue next, but I definitely don’t want to return to what I did before. Now what?” Relaunching is an…

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The Financial Pitfalls of a Legal Marital Separation

When couples want to part ways, they may opt for a legal separation instead of directly going for a divorce, something most states allow. Couples may decide to first separate legally for religious reasons, or…

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Andalusia Grit and Soul Natasha Muslih

Retreat-ing: it’s like summer camp for grown-ups

There are many reasons why people travel for leisure, among them to open their minds, to relax and rejuvenate, to explore new places, to eat delicious food, to escape from the everyday, to connect with…

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Heart Warming Ice/Snow Art in the Arctic

Art enthusiasts around the world are continually looking for new art forms, venues and events.  There are water color fans, oil or acrylic paints, clay, metal and wood fans.  Permanent art allows viewers to go…

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