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Making the Most of Meetings

Business meetings are a key venue where business reputations can be made and lost. It is where people can distinguish themselves, contribute to decision-making, and move their careers forward. But meetings can be a difficult…

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Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Ex’s Financial Advisor

Divorce is meant to be a clean break with your spouse, so why do so many women stay with their exes’ advisors? In Allianz Life’s 2019 Women, Money and Power Study, 60% of the women…

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Melissa Smith_Grit and Soul

LinkedIn Best Practices That Set You Apart: Part 2

Now that your LinkedIn profile is nice and strong, here’s how you can make the most of your LinkedIn connections: Grow your connections People limit themselves on LinkedIn when they hesitate to hit the “connect”…

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Linkedin Best Practices

LinkedIn Best Practices That Set You Apart: Part 1

LinkedIn has become an important part of presenting your professional skills, experience, and accomplishments in any industry.  Because it hosts more than 500 million professional profiles, which means nearly an unlimited supply of network connections…

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Penelope McDonnell Genes

Genes: A Tale of Two Mice

Genes. Such a hot topic, but oh, so confusing. Patients will walk in clutching 23andMe results looking for translation, others will have been diagnosed with a genetic disease they’ve never heard of and want to…

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Gift Guide for Travelers_Grit and Soul

Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Life

Surprising the travel addicts in your life with all-expenses paid trips to far flung places would be amazing for sure, but if this might seem a little bit extra, here are ten practical and much…

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Motivators and Educators . . . M.E.!

Are you taking time for M.E.?

I’m a big believer in M.E. time. That stands for Motivators and Educators . . . M.E.! . . . things that inform, entertain, and energize me. And I find listening to podcasts can be…

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Why Women Should Seek Out Financial Advice Before Divorcing Or Separating

Why Women Should Seek Out Financial Advice Before Divorcing Or Separating

Contrary to what movies make us believe, rarely does a woman meet with my firm with the goal of taking every last penny from her spouse. Nor do we ever see women who hide assets,…

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The Boss Needs Feedback too

The Boss Needs Feedback Too!

No matter how much you like your boss or supervisor, there are probably things about him or her that you would like to change. I hear from so many people that their boss does things…

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How to Avoid Airplane Germs

When experts in North America want clues on how to predict what the flu season will be like, they look south to Australia, which experiences its flu season (and winter) from June to August. This…

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