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Underpaid and Overloaded: COVID-19 Exposes Cracks in Financial Equality for Women

Women are more vulnerable during this time of financial upheaval. Here’s why and a few steps they can take to help improve their outlook long term. The COVID-19 pandemic is further exposing the financial inequities…

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Happiness and Banana Bread

What Do Baking, Toilets, and Brain Surgery Have to Do With Happiness?

So much feels out of our control these days. I recently had a restless night’s sleep after watching a news program before bed. Note to self: Don’t do that again. It’s not an easy time…

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Women's Equality Day

Why are Women Still Financially Behind A Century After Getting the Vote?

Women’s Equality Day is observed on August 26th every year to commemorate the right of women to vote in U.S and, also to promote equality between men and women. On this date, 100 years ago,…

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Travel during a Pandemic

Travel during a pandemic.

As a travel planner and retreat leader, I usually find myself on a plane every month or so, flying out to explore far flung places for business and pleasure. Just before the pandemic struck, I…

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Grit & Soul Pup Nups

When Couples Divorce, Who Gets Fido? ‘Pup Nups’ Can Help

COVID-19 stay-at-home orders have some interesting side-effects: Pet adoptions are up … and there are signs that divorces could be up soon, too. This highlights the need for “pup nups,” specially written prenups with our…

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Two O’Clock with Sheila, Walking Through the Coronavirus Crisis.

  I’d like to introduce you to Sheila. She’s my stunning, with it, white-haired, 88-year old next door neighbor. For nearly 19 years we’ve chatted across our decks, shared recipes, and great reads. Never one to…

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Eight Essential Apps for Working from Home

Eight Essential Apps for Working from Home

You have probably been working from home for some time now and you may be familiar with a number of apps to help you maximize your productivity. Many of us are familiar with how technology can…

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MaryAnn Anselmo

A Renewed Soul.

It’s amazing how time flies. So much has happened in my life since my published story, two years ago with Grit & Soul. It’s no secret that the world we live in right now can…

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To Get Ahead in Your Career, Sharpen These Communication Skills.

Interpersonal communication is the key to building strong business relationships. Outside of an organization, verbal communication may take the form of phone calls, face-to-face meetings, speeches, teleconferences, or video conferences. Business professionals who have effective…

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Grit and Soul blog_stress

What Questions Do You Have About Stress?

Well, it’s been just over a year since my 2nd book, Less Stress Life, was published. I’ve given countless talks and interviews and still love talking stress with whoever will listen. The five questions below…

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